We Cater any Event...Birthdays, Anniversary's, Family Reunions, Thanksgiving, Christmas Parties, Graduation parties, Ect.. Any Catering order can be delivered or pick-up.



   Choice of One Meat                                                                         Choice of One Meat

     Turkey & Dressing                                                                             Chicken Casserole

      Ham Black Oak                                                                                       Meatloaf

Roast w/ Carrots & Potatoes                                                                        BBQ Hash

       Fried Chicken                                                                                     Steak & Gravy

      Baked Chicken                                                                                   Baked Spaghetti

       Pork Chops                                                                                            BBQ Ribs


  Choice of One Starch                                                                   Choice of Two Vegetables

     Mac & Cheese Pie                                                                               Whole Kernel Corn

 Mashed Potatoes & Gravy                                                                           Corn on Cob

  Oven Roasted Potatoes                                                                               Green Beans

         Rice & Gravy                                                                                        Baked Beans

         Potato Salad                                                                                       Cooked Cabbage

          Wild Rice                                                                                            Collard Greens

       Macaroni Salad                                                                                       Breaded Okra

                                                                                                                 Sweet Potato Soufflé

      Choice of One Bread                                                                              Glazed Carrots

                Biscuits                                                                                           Stewed Squash

             Cornbread                                                                                         Candied Yams

      Garlic & Cheese Biscuits                                                                               Coleslaw

             Yeast Rolls                                                                                        Cream Style Corn

                                                                                                                       Garden Salad


 One Meat Meal   $12.95 per Person  50 or more People

 Two Meat Meal  $14.95 per Person  50 or more People

 Delivery Fee       $25.00 (Within 20 miles)

 Sales Tax 6% & Sc Hospitality Tax 2%


  •   Meals Will Include Peach Cobbler, Tea, Plates, Bowls, Cups, Silverware, and Napkins. During Holidays we offer other desserts available.


  • If You have an appetite for something else that is not shown, Ask us we will do it!!!